w command

I can login as root user on Debian or Ubuntu/RHEL/CentOS Linux based system. I need to log everyone off to install new kernel and/or hardware. How do I do this on Linux? What is the best way to logout ALL USERS remotely over the ssh based session in Linux like operating systems?


w command

I am a new Linux and Unix system user. How do I list current users and find out what they’re doing on Linux or Unix-like operating system using shell prompt?

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What is a tty under Linux / UNIX? How do I find out what tty I’m on?


How do I see if my friends or coworkers are logged into the same Linux or BSD or UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Apple OS X) server / workstation as I am from a command line?

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How do I print the user names of users currently logged in to the current UNIX / Linux host / server from a command prompt?


I am a new Linux sysadmin. I am using Linux on HP server. How do I logout users from my systems? How can I forcefully logoff any user using bash shell on Linux?


Q. Can you explain the command to find what users are doing on my UNIX / Linux system? A. Both Linux and UNIX (FreeBSD/Solaris) has w command to show who is logged on and what they are doing. The w command prints a summary of the current activity on the system, including what each user […]