November 2004

This step by step howto will help you to setup Linux as router only in two (2) minutes. I’m assuming that your setup is as follows: (A) You are using RedHat Linux, FC linux/Debian Linux (this should work with ALL Other distros as well :D ) (B) ppp0 is internet interface (connected to Modem for […]

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There are a few ways to set up a Linux machine as route. Here is a relatively straight forward and common method. This method requires that the system use iptables for Network Address Translation (NAT). This step by step small howto will help you to setup Linux router only in 2 minutes. Configuration steps => […]


BIND is the Berkeley Internet Name Domain, DNS server. It is wildly used on UNIX and Linux like oses. You can use following tools to troubleshoot bind related problems under UNIX or Linux oses. Task: Port 53 open and listing requests By default BIND listen DNS queries on port 53. So make sure port 53 […]


Generic troubleshooting tips 1) Use tail –f to watch log file in real time, advantage is simple you can spot error or warning message in real time. tail –f /path/to/log/file Example(s): # tail –f /var/log/maillog 2) Use telnet command to see if you get response or not. Sometime you will also see some informative message: […]


Have you ever wondered why shutdown account exists on Linux server, especially under Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution?

The answer is quite simple – shutdown account can shutdown server. Here is how you can enable the shutdown account: