September 2005

Compiling custom kernel has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, new Linux user / admin find it difficult to compile Linux kernel. Compiling kernel needs to understand few things and then just type couple of commands. This step by step howto covers compiling Linux kernel version 2.6.xx under Debian GNU Linux. However, instructions remains the […]


My favorite Live CD Knoppix v4.0.2 DVD (size 3.11 GB) is available to download. Get it via BitTorrent :D Enjoy!!!


A step-by-step guide for exploring (hacking) your own ADSL DLink 502T router provided by Airtel / MTNL / BSNL ISP.


I use different Live distro for various purpose. Either you can save data on USB pen or hard disk partition. Most of the time all modification or downloads during a Live CD session is kept in RAM until system is rebooted… and then it’s gone/lost. However new live CD called SLAX allow you to save […]

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I use ADSL at home via ISP modem. As soon as my eth0 comes up I would like to have my firewall script get executed and setup the iptables firewall rules for me.


In the enterprise Linux setup, it is necessary to keep the track of server shutdown and reboot time. Most of you may have used the shutdown / reboot command.


This is new nifty and long term demanded feature in FreeBSD. A port called portaudit provides a system to check if installed ports are listed in a database of published security vulnerabilities. After installation it will update this security database automatically and include its reports in the output of the daily security run. If you […]