December 2005

If your site is quite popular then your apache log file could quickly becomes large. It could be anywhere between 200MB or 1 GB per month. Downloading such large apache log file not just take lot of time but bandwidth too. We have lots of shared hosting customer on apache web server. If log files […]


Asked by Christopher Q. I have both FreeBSD and Red Hat Linux desktop computers. I would like to change KDE to GNOME or vice versa. Under FreeBSD X windows is working but without KDE/Gnome desktop, I am using Intel Celeron computer can I run or install kde? A. Changing Desktop Environments under Red Hat Use […]

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IBM developerworks has publslihed an article on GTK+ fundamentals. It is very nice easy to understand tutorial on GTK+. This article, the first in a three-part series, introduces you to the world of GTK+. It explains what GTK+ is why you should consider using it, and the benefits it provides. Together with the rest of […]


LAN or wireless access can be filtered by using the MAC addresses of the devices transmitting within your network. A mac address is acronym for media access control address, is a unique address assigned to almost all-networking hardware such as Ethernet cards, routers, mobile phones, wireless cards and so on (see mac address at wikipedia for more information). This quick tutorial explains how to block or deny access using MAC address using iptables – Linux administration tool for IPv4 packet filtering and NAT.


Explains how to monitor bandwidth with Linux iptables command.


Slashdot has published book review of Linux Troubleshooting book by Bruce Perens. This book is reviewed by Mary Norbury-Glaser. The Bruce Perens Open Source Series of books published by Prentice Hall PTR is a strong collection of nearly 20 volumes focusing on Linux and open source technology. Edited by Linux guru and former Debian GNU/Linux […]


This is Part II in a series on Execute Commands on Multiple Linux or UNIX Servers Simultaneously. The full series is Part I, Part II, and Part III. Many times, you want to execute a command not only on one server, but also on several servers. For example, find out Version of kernel Version of […]