January 2006

This is especially useful for Linux/BSD/Unixish system which have multiple users with access to the console. One user may lock his or her session while still allowing other users to use the system on other virtual consoles. If desired, the entire console may be locked and virtual console switching disabled. This is really a good […]


—————————————————————- New Releases —————————————————————- ***Podcasting Pocket Guide Publisher: O’Reilly ISBN: 0596102305 Whether you’re a listener or an aspiring podcaster, “Podcasting Pocket Guide” is a non-technical guide for the non-geek who wants in on this revolutionary new medium. This handy guide shows you how to tune into unique and interesting podcasts and download them to your […]


You will never notice something like this on FreeBSD or Linux Desktop home system or your personal UNIX or Linux workstation. However, sometime on a production UNIX server you will notice that both df (display free disk space) and du (display disk usage statistics) reporting different output. Usually df will output a bigger disk usage […]


Inodes are associated with precisely one directory entry at a time. However, with hard links it is possible to associate multiple directory entries with a single inode. To create a hard link use ln command:


Recently I switched my Linux Desktop from Gnome to KDE. For some weird reason my keyboard was not functioning at all under Gnome so I thought just switch to KDE. My keyboard works very well under KDE but poor font quality was my problem. The edges of curves fonts were not smooth at all. After […]