December 2006

The stress test of hardware (hard drive benchmarks) is a simplistic test. There are a number of benchmarking applications software that can be used as hard disk (storage) stress testing. My favorite is Bonnie++ software. From the project home page: Bonnie++ is a benchmark suite that is aimed at performing a number of simple tests […]


You can send email with attachment via shell script or at shell prompt/command line using mutt or mail command. This will not hide your IP address. To send anonymous email from shell prompt use Mixmaster, which is the type II remailer protocol and the most popular implementation of it. Remailers provide protection against traffic analysis […]


This tutorial is intended to give a very basic introduction to using the Zend Framework to write a very basic database driven application. Zend Framework is a new open source effort aimed at producing a high-quality framework for developing modern, robust, secure web applications and web services in PHP 5. This tutorial is constantly updated […]


I like free software and movement was started by FSF. Bruce Byfield writes about the Free Software Foundation (FSF) how they transformed themselves into an activist organization in the past year. From the article: At the start of 2006, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) was largely inward-looking, focused on the GNU Project and high-level […]


New year’s eve is here and this is my lists of gadgets that rocked my world in 2006 :D Notebook I brought two Notebooks. 1. Dell Inspiron 6400 for office use. 2. Sony VAIO VGN-AR28 – It provides me great entertainment with a sleek design. Mobile/PDA I brought total 2 devices. 1. The blackberry Pearl […]


PostgreSQL 8.2 has been released and available for download. PostgreSQL is a Free object-relational database server (database management system), released under a flexible BSD-style license. This release adds many functionality and performance improvements that were requested by users, including: => Query language enhancements including INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE RETURNING, multirow VALUES lists, and optional target-table alias in UPDATE/DELETE […]


This is an overview of virtualization methods, architectures, and implementations under Linux. Tim Jones has published a good article that explains Virtualization. It is a broad term that refers to the abstraction of computer resources. From the article: Virtualization means many things to many people. A big focus of virtualization currently is server virtualization, or […]