March 2007

Today is Sunday, 1st April and I’m going to see some practical jokes everywhere… I was just wondering about the origin of this custom. Unfortunately Wikipedia has no information. I will update this post later on with some good jokes and other stuff :)


I was too busy with the projects I was doing. Anyway I’m back now and free to blog again. Dell has a blog post to their report about upcoming Linux offerings on desktop and laptop systems: A few trends emerged from the comments and I want to address them directly in this and future posts. […]


Learn about kernel command using Linux system calls – explore the SCI and add your own calls. A system call is an interface between a user-space application and a service that the kernel provides. Because the service is provided in the kernel, a direct call cannot be performed; instead, you must use a process of […]


Here goes most secure os listing… #1 Microsoft #2 Redhat #3 Apple OS X … …. .. The Symantec Internet security threat report offers analysis and discussion of threat activity over a six-month period. It covers Internet attacks, vulnerabilities, malicious code, phishing, spam and security risks as well as future trends. Sun Solaris and HP-UX […]


This is a good move, especially considering increase in AMD64 workstation from Sun. From the official blog: The fact that Flash Player 9 Unix support is presently limited to Linux/x86 has been the source of some consternation to the users of some non-Linux/non-x86 Unix systems. You may be interested to learn that Unix platform support […]

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This is the Torvalds Transcript about – Why he ‘Absolutely Love’ GPL Version 2. On March 6, Linus Torvalds responded to e-mail questions on GPL version 3 sent by InformationWeek editor at large Charles Babcock. Torvalds said: First off, I don’t even know what the GPLv3 will look like. I would be totally crazy to […]


While writing a shell script you may need to display an error message. For example if you failed to open /etc/passwd file you want to display error message. Old way You can write something as follows: cat /etc/shadow 2>/dev/null if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then echo “Failed to open file”; exit1 ; fi New […]