July 2007

Cheap Linux Laptop From Asus is ultimate ultra portable computer for just $199.


I’ve written about one of such trick questions – How important is money to you? Now IT managers share their favorite interview questions and the thinking behind them at computerworld. ‘Why Should I Hire You?’ and Other Favorite Interview Questions (via digg) On a related note you may find Conducting the UNIX Job Interview: IT […]


I’m little surprised to find that Ubuntu Linux skips development man pages by default. A quick search using apt-cache pointed out to manpages-dev package. It includes manual pages about using GNU/Linux for development. Install development man pages Use apt-get command: $ sudo apt-get install manpages-dev To view library calls (functions within program libraries), enter: $ […]


New Linux user often get this error. Let us say you haved downloaded the RPM file from net and saved to /tmp, you may get error – no no such file or directory – when the file is really downloaded and ls command can show the same. Answer is pretty simple rpm command needs the […]


Recently updated/posted Linux and UNIX FAQ (mostly useful to Linux/UNIX new administrators or users) : Shell script put multiple line comment UNIX / Linux: vi / vim perform search and replace operation Howto: Update firefox on Linux Create / modify keyboard shortcuts in Gnome under Linux / UNIX Linux LILO boot procedure freezes with LI […]


PHP offers simple but effective solution to log all errors to a log fiie. On all production web server you must turn off displaying error to end users via a web browser. Remember PHP gives out lots of information about path, database schema and all other sort of sensitive information. You are strongly advised to […]


This article (via lxer) talks about Microsoft latest FUD and how they never stop treating Linux users as idiots. Probably not while it treats its own users in the same fashion. Just take a look at the latest FUD to arrive from the Microsoft chiefs of staff – Kevin Turner, COO, claims that Vista is […]