Book review: Landing the Internship or Full-Time Job

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Slashdot has published book review of Landing the Internship or Full-Time Job by Robert R. Peterson.

"This book written by those that have recently landed jobs at Google, EA Games, Intel, Amazon, IBM, and others. The book starts out with a foreword by an IBM Executive and then covers 10 chapters which I comment on individually below. Each chapter is followed by a profile from either an intern or new hire at a fortune 50 company. The profiles include a Q&A and the resume of the individual. I found them to be practical and honest. For example, Ben Lewis who is profiled as an Xbox developer said that he sometimes feels that he can't make a difference at Microsoft.

As a busy computer science student, I can really appreciate how the contents are written. Each chapter has a "Bare Minimum To Do" list with suggestions on how much time each item should take. They also include "Common Mistakes" sections. I especially used the to-do list for the company research chapter". Read full review at slashdot...

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