Linux portables

Wow this is really cool news. LinuxBIOS is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS you can find in most of today’s PCs. Linux BIOS in action Alan has posted video of his work. This setup includes => LinuxBIOS => Linux kernel => BusyBox => Tiny X11 server called Kdrive => The […]

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You can create your very own custom Live CD from your very own custom configuration with this step-by-step guide. In December 2006, the Fedora Linux distribution released its first official Live CD, which, thanks to an intelligent selection of applications, nicely advertises the best features of Fedora. In addition to many applications, the Live CD […]


Wizpy is a portable media player produced by Turbolinux. Wizpy player has the usual music/video capabilities–plus a bootable version of Linux, a browser, productivity apps, and more :) Tech Spec => 1.71″ OLED screen => 4GB flash memory => It supports, Ogg/MP3/WMA/AAC,DivX medias => Built in FM radio => Built-in microphone => Still picture display […]

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