Wireless networking

This wikipedia article is a handy list of open source wifi drivers. It covers following oses: => Linux => FreeBSD => OpenBSD => NetBSD => Solaris and OpenSolaris => Darwin, OpenDarwin and Mac OS X etc Comparison of open source wireless drivers


The D-Link AirPlusXtremeG DWL-G520 Wireless PCI card is an enhanced 802.11g high-performance, wireless card for desktop computers. It supports high-speed wireless networking of up to 108Mbps. This card has open source GPL driver. Card comes with RT61 chipset from ralinktech. You need to compile this driver for Linux. Make sure you have gcc compiler installed. […]


Linux DNS Client / Nameserver configuration. Explains how to set or add ISP or your own dns servers to /etc/resolv.conf file to resolve hostnames.