Mail server

You can send email with attachment via shell script or at shell prompt/command line using mutt or mail command. This will not hide your IP address. To send anonymous email from shell prompt use Mixmaster, which is the type II remailer protocol and the most popular implementation of it. Remailers provide protection against traffic analysis […]


Address rewriting allows changing outgoing email ID or domain name itself. This is good for hiding internal user names. For example: SMTP user: tom-01 EMAIL ID: Server name: However when tom-01 send an email from shell prompt or using php it looks like it was send from In some cases internal hosts […]


Email filtering is an essential task. There are many methods like: => Bayesian spam filtering => SpamAssassin/DSPAM programs => Check open relay using RBL etc Now is shutting down its operation. ORDB is quite effective and I use this list against all of email servers. Spammers still use 3rd party servers and desktop computers […]


This article will guide you about setting up your own home email server without being spammed to death. There are many reasons to host your own email. Perhaps you don’t like the limits placed on you by your current ISP. Maybe they aren’t willing to host the domain you want, or give you the access […]


PHP has mail() function to send an email to users. However this mail() will not work: => If sendmail (or compatible binary) is not installed => If Apache Web server / Lighttpd running in chrooted jail => And your smtp server needs an authentication before sending an email => Or you just need to send […]


We have already documented procedure for removing all emails from POP3 using a shell script. But what about IMAP based mailboxes? There is cleanup-maildir python script. It It cleans up old messages in FOLDERNAME; the exact action taken depends on COMMAND. From the article: Maildir saves each mail in a separate file, it is much […]


If you just need an outgoing email from web server use sendmail. But what is masquerading? With the help of masquerading your outgoing email appers from instead of This will also hide your internal user name or host name from rest of the world. So this feature rewrites the hostname in the address […]