Shell scripting

Explains how to use netstat command to display current connections and find out if your server is under DoS attack or not.


This is a nice shell scripting hack. It allows you to give a progress bar like wget to cp command.


I’ve already written about rotating sftp / ssh backup shell script to remove directories (old backup files). However, a few of our readers would like to know more about removing old backup directories using ftp. As usual, you need accurate date and time on local system and remote backup directory must be in dd-mm-yyyy or […]


This is easy to use Linux command line index. Linux commands divided into categories such as: => System information => Shutdown => Files and Directory => File search => Mounting a Filesystem => Disk Space => Users and Groups and others Linux Commands Line list


From my mail bag: Where can I get free interactive access to HP-UX or Linux distro or UNIX shell access? You can simply grab and try out any Linux / BSD / Solaris Live CD. However, some time you cannot install and use particular UNIX like os. So, if you want to try the latest […]


The sed (Stream Editor) is very powerful tool. Each line of input is copied into a pattern space. You can run editing commands on each input line to delete or change the input. For example, delete lines containing word DVD, enter: cat input.txt | sed ‘/DVD/d’ To Print the lines between each pair of words […]