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Download of the day: Linux Kernel 2.6.28

Linux kernel version 2.6.28 has been released and available for download. The new version includes following stable and new features:

a] ext4 file system - The ext4 filesystem can support volumes with sizes up to 1 exbibyte and files with sizes up to 16 TiB. ext4 removes ext3 64-bit storage limits and adds other performance improvements.

b] Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) - It is a a modern memory manager specialized for use in device drivers for graphics chipsets. It manages graphics memory, controls the execution context and manages the Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) environment on modern graphics chipsets. The "xf86-video-intel" device driver will feature GEM integration.

c] Other features - Stable USB drivers, KVM, bug fixes and other stuff.

=> Download Linux kernel 2.6.28 here. You may also find our kernel compile tutorial useful.

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  • doofen December 27, 2008, 7:06 pm

    nice but who has such a large hard disk – 16 TiB?

  • Ray December 27, 2008, 7:10 pm

    > nice but who has such a large hard disk – 16 TiB?
    You can get 4Gbit Fibre Channel RAID with 16TiB or even more for clusters and or rendering farm. ext4 has some neat cool featurtes:
    ext4 has some neat cool features:


  • how to learn chinese December 30, 2008, 6:29 am

    16 TiB,looks crazy.