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Eat Your Own Dog Food: Microsoft to Push Silverlight Technology

Many commercial companies emphasizes the use of its own products inside the company to convey the confidence in its own product.

Now Microsoft decided to eats its own dog food. Microsoft is preparing a fully Silverlight-powered redesign of their website. This will push Silverlight usage to more users. Silverlight is a runtime for browser-based Rich Internet Applications, providing a subset of the animation, vector graphics, and video playback capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation. The runtime is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, with Linux support under development via the third-party Moonlight runtime.

=> More information: Microsoft to Push Silverlight via Redesigned Homepage

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  • Hungry vivi May 29, 2009, 5:53 pm

    Yeah i am now seeing silverlight a bit more often. As long as i am not forced to install a program to view a website, i don’t mind. But when you can’t see the website otherwise, i often end up going somewhere else. It’s good food for though whether it’s a good strategy or not :)

  • David M April 20, 2011, 3:32 am

    It’s great to see more companies do this, I recently read a post about WORKetc doing the same thing: http://admin.worketc.com/Blogs/Development/69

    I find it adds credibility to a product, while at the same time giving employees empathy towards the product and it’s (at times angry) customers. It’s interesting to see how it results in changes that better a product, and also see which issues and bugs are most important.

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