apt-get command

Multiple buffer overflows were discovered in the Ubuntu Linux kernel and can be corrected by upgrading your system to latest kernel version.


A step-by-step guide for updating Ubuntu Linux software / system and patching system for security updates.


A quick way to fix shell post / pre execution scripts package problem under Debian / Ubuntu Linux.


apturl lets you install packages using a apt:pkgname like synatx. For example, install php5 package by visiting url. You should see prompt as follows: You can install apturl under Ubuntu Linux by entering following command: $ sudo apt-get install apturl => apturl package project home page. (found via Linux Hack3r)

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From my mail bag: I’ve downloaded .avi files which is compressed into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality using DivX format. How do I play DivX compressed files under Debian / Ubuntu Linux? The current version of the DivX Community Codec for the Windows platform is version 6.6, and for Mac OS X […]


Favorites icon (favicon) file is placed in a web server root directory. It is a page icon or associated with a particular website. For example when you visit our site you see favicon in the browser’s URL bar, next to the site’s name. Also it appears next to the site’s name in lists of bookmarks, […]


Upgrading lighttpd is a piece of cake. There are two methods: a) Use yum or apt-get or FreeBSD ports / command to update binary lighttpd package b) Just download latest lighttpd tar ball from official web site and install the same. Let us see how to upgrade lighttpd using source code (tar ball). # 1 […]

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