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I’ve already written about a shell script to check / monitor domain renew / expiration date here. Now I’ve modified matt’s domain-check script to support additional C/TLDs .in, .biz, .org and .info domains. I’ve also added 5 seconds delay to avoid whois server rejecting query. This script checks to see if a domain has expired. […]


This article explains – controlling the duration of scheduled jobs (at and cron jobs) under Linux using nice shell script tricks: Say you need to debug a pesky problem by running some traces for 30 minutes at midnight, or you would just like to use your Linux system as an alarm clock. This tip helps […]

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Update: Check out new improved domain-check script. Forgetting to renew your domain name can happen to all of us. According to this post: Reports are coming in from Germany that was down for many hours yesterday, and has now gone live again. We’re trying to confirm the reason, but it appears to be because […]