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“After The Software Wars”, is a new book in which former Microsoft employee Keith Curtis explores the worlds of proprietary and free software. Quoting from the article:

While I came to not be all that thrilled with Fedora itself, I was floored merely by the installation process. It contained a graphical installer that ran all the way to completion, it resized my NTFS partition — which I considered a minor miracle, setup dual boot, and actually did boot, and let me surf the Web. I didn’t have a clue what to do next, but the mere fact that this all worked told me more about the potential of Linux than anything I had read so far. You cannot, by accident, build an airplane that actually flies.

=> How a Microsoft veteran learned to love Linux, and why it matters


They say – there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But, Linux and FOSS software can be used to start, run and grow your business for, you guessed it, free. February survey of IT managers by IDC indicated that hard times are accelerating the adoption of Linux. The open source operating system will emerge from the recession in a stronger data center position than before, concluded an IDC white paper.


Happy Birthday To GNU

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Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, and reminds you of a very special birthday. Happy birthday GNU!


Many of these problems are not specific to Free Software in particular, but to volunteer software. Hobbyist proprietary programs often have poor designs for many of the same reasons. But the easiest way of getting volunteers to contribute to a program is to make it open source.


Gates may be gone, but the walls and bars of proprietary software he helped create remain, for now — Richard Stallman.


Take the Free Software GPL / LGPL licensing quiz and test your knowledge of the GPL and LGPL.

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Linux is a platform for people, not just specialists’ – In a future undominated by Windows, Ubuntu hopes to be the provider of a service ecosystem for free software

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