Microsoft and Turbolinux, a Tokyo-based Linux distributor up with a patent cross licensing deal and agreement to work more closely together. At present, Windows and Turbolinux machines on a mixed network can’t access a common authentication database, but their deal should change this, said Noriko Otake, a spokeswoman for Turbolinux in Tokyo. Yet another distro […]


Recently I wrote post about Microsoft FUD and risk for Linux user, especially Redhat Linux users. I received couple of emails. One of them pointed out me Gartner research report entitled “Microsoft Patent Claims Pose No Immediate Risk for Users”: Microsoft claims that a variety of open-source software projects violate its software patents. A general […]

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Steve Ballmer believes that people who use Red Hat Linux have an obligation to compensate Microsoft He has warned users of Red Hat Linux that they will have to pay Microsoft for its intellectual property. SCO tried and failed badly to prove that it owns the intellectual property to Linux. They are facing bankruptcy. Microsoft’s […]

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This article (via lxer) talks about Microsoft latest FUD and how they never stop treating Linux users as idiots. Probably not while it treats its own users in the same fashion. Just take a look at the latest FUD to arrive from the Microsoft chiefs of staff – Kevin Turner, COO, claims that Vista is […]