linux command

It happens all the time. Sooner or later, every organization may run out of qualified admin staff because of various issues. So how do you deal with fresh out of school admins or other helping people in your organization?


This is easy to use Linux command line index. Linux commands divided into categories such as: => System information => Shutdown => Files and Directory => File search => Mounting a Filesystem => Disk Space => Users and Groups and others Linux Commands Line list


Vmware server comes with the nifty vmware-cmd utility. It allows an administrator to perform various operations on a virtual machine from Linux command line / shell prompt such as: => Stop / Start VM => Get VM status => Setup variables => Powerdown VM and much more Task: Lists the virtual machines on the local […]


A quick way to get locale-specific information is use locale command. The locale program writes information about the current locale environment such as: => Character classification and case conversion. => Date and time formats. => Numeric formats => Currency symbols => Measurement units and much more When invoked without arguments, locale summarizes the current locale […]


Explains how to make a backup (track by track) using dd command under UNIX / Linux operating system.


If you need to send an email with a text file (or binary file) as attachment using shell script or command prompt in Unix or Linux; try mutt – a terminal-based e-mail client for Unix-like systems.