Download Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS Server Edition CD Iso Images.


From my mail bag: Where can I get free interactive access to HP-UX or Linux distro or UNIX shell access? You can simply grab and try out any Linux / BSD / Solaris Live CD. However, some time you cannot install and use particular UNIX like os. So, if you want to try the latest […]


You can make money by selling Linux based Laptop and desktop systems. Dell and other vendor started the same. There is huge market for Linux desktop systems. This article talks about entering a world where Microsoft rules the marketplace: For years, Microsoft has reigned supreme as the ‘only’ choice for OEM partners on the x86 […]


Vmware server comes with the nifty vmware-cmd utility. It allows an administrator to perform various operations on a virtual machine from Linux command line / shell prompt such as: => Stop / Start VM => Get VM status => Setup variables => Powerdown VM and much more Task: Lists the virtual machines on the local […]


Google Desktop is a desktop search application that gives you easy access to information on your computer and from the web. Desktop makes searching your own email, files, music, photos, and more as easy as searching the web with Google. Earlier this application was only available on Windows or Mac system. Now google released Linux […]

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This is really good news. Both Redhat and Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) has rejected nasty Microsoft patent deals. Following Linux distributions and companies made a patent deals with Microsoft: [a] Novell Suse Linux [b] Linspire Linux desktop [c] Xandros Linux desktop [d] LG Electronics The drama started last November, when Microsoft inked a deal with […]


Recently updated/posted Linux and UNIX FAQ (mostly useful to Linux/UNIX new administrators or users) : What is the difference between UNIX and MAC OS X? Does the UNIX or Linux has GUI? Howto Delete email for a particular user from exim maill server queue Configure Linux / UNIX dns resolver to append domain search names […]