By default vSphere does not provide client for Linux or OS X. You need to use Windows system to manage your VMware ESX server. However, it does provides vSphere Web Access which allows you to organize and share virtual machines using web browser. If you try to access vSphere Web Access you may get an error which read as follows:

503 Service Unavailable

You can fix this problem as follows.


BBC’s blogger Rory Cellan-Jones took Ubuntu Karmic Koala for 24 hours test drive and predicated that – “… Ubuntu will remain a very niche product – but it’s Google’s Android which could bring open-source to the mass consumer market“.


I was going though my server logs / Google Analytics settings and found that over 60% users are on MS-Windows. However, each and every month visitors are switching to Firefox or Google browser and so on. So I would like to know your reasons for making switch from IE to another browser. Why did you switch and which browser did you switch to?


Jim Zemlin is executive director of the Linux Foundation has posted some interesting information and very bold prediction about Linux desktop.


Open source java dieting software that aims to provide a complete solution to the CR dieter. Allows to track vitamin, mineral, and protein intakes with great care.

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Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 has been released and download it while it is hot!


Wow, the researchers warn that Windows is collapsing and Linux / OS X replacing Windows: Calling the situation “untenable” and describing Windows as “collapsing,” a pair of Gartner analysts this week said Microsoft must make radical changes to the operating system or risk becoming a has-been. In a presentation at a Gartner-sponsored conference in Las […]

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