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Comparison: Linux vs FreeBSD (Bsd) oses

If you would like to compare FreeBSD and Linux, then keep in mind following points:

* SMP support

* Portability

* Reliability/robust

* Performance

* Security

* Filesystem

* Support (community and vendor)

* Clean code and well documented API

* Amount of software/applications

* 3rd party apps support

Feature FreeBSD Linux
SMP support Good (v5.x/6.x+) Very Good (2.6+)
Reliability/robust Very Good Good
Performance Very Good Good
Security (out of box) Very good Good
Filesystem Good Good
Oracle/ERP apps Not supported Very good
Package management Excellent (ports & binary) Depends on distribution (Debian – excellent, RPM based – ok (go for yum))
Dell/IBM/HP server support N/A (FreeBSD works with these vendors systems; at least I have very good experience with HP boxes) Very good
Support (community and vendor) Good Good

Based upon my personal experience I recommend FreeBSD for Internet server (webserver or mail servers). They are extremely stable. FreeBSD is known to handle heavy load efficiently.

However, if you are looking to run 4 or 8 way SMP server or Oracle database server, use Linux (go for RHEL or Suse enterprise Linux). Linux has excellent support from these vendors.

In addition, OpenBSD is my choice for firewall/NAT/DMZ. :D If anyone has more information, just comment it below.

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