Write for nixCraft

If you are a Unix/Linux/OSX user and/or Sysadmin/DevOps ninja, nixCraft is the place to write about FOSS, Linux, and Unix. Currently, nixCraft is looking to publish two/three long articles and four medium sized posts a month.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for contributors who are passionate about FOSS and Linux. You must understand FOSS and related technologies deeply, and you want to share that passion with fellow FOSS users and sysadmins. You must follow the nixCraft style:

  • Hands-on direct approach with good set of examples.
  • Topic must be to the point and must be written in English (UK/US) only.

On what topics?

We are interested in any one of the following topic or topic that you are passionate about:

  1. Apple OS X.
  2. RHEL/CentOS/Debian/Ubutnu server distros.
  3. FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
  4. Command line hacks.
  5. Perl programming for sysadmins.
  6. Android programming for new users on Linux.
  7. *nix server optimization, fine tuning and security.
  8. Firewalls, encryption and VPN setups on *nix.
  9. DevOps related topics.
  10. Hardware, IT, virtualization, and cloud computing.


  • Paid freelancers/writers positions : Yes. We can pay reasonable.
  • Talk to the editor - Send an email to webmaster@cyberciti.biz with your ideas.

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