Book Review: FreeBSD Mastery – ZFS

FreeBSD ZFS BookOnce again a great FreeBSD book to read. I was anxious to read this after reading FreeBSD Mastery- Storage Essentials 2014. I read where he was writing a ZFS book, but didn’t know it was out until I was asked to review it. I loved the introduction, being into hardware and history, it was such great knowledge. I knew some of this information prior, no where near as in depth as these authors covered. The style is so easy to read and mentally kind, it’s always a pleasure to read. Of course ZFS has been used in other Oses (such as Solaris and Linux) and while it is not new to FreeBSD, many people are either afraid of it because they are moving from Linux or they have heard negative things about it.

I think this book it a great way to feel confident about your skills. If you are long time user, I am sure you will learn more. It is so full of material, it would be difficult not to. There is a lot of commands I didn’t know in this book. To me I found chapters zero and one to be the most interesting. I think because it was full of history and general knowledge. While the other chapters were great for problems or getting thing done, I like to know about things, not just how to do them. The book is well organized into various topics from basis of ZFS to repairs.


There are examples dealing with zpools, datasets, disk management. Chapter seven is great because it talks about the snap shot feature and clones. It explains the difference in easy to understand format. If you want to install FreeBSD on to a ZFS, this is covered including possible problems and what to do. I totally recommend this book for anyone interested in FreeBSD (ZFS on Linux) if they are curious about ZFS and want to know more, sysadmins, or users in general. It’s great to use as needed or to read for general knowledge.

Book Info:

* Title: FreeBSD Mastery – ZFS.
* Author: Michael W. Lucas and Allan Jude.
* Publisher: Tilted Windmill Press.
* Length: 234 pages.
* Target: System administrators or hobbyist interested in the ZFS system.
* Rating: 5/5
* Disclaimer: Tilted Windmill Press sent us a review copy.
* Purchase online at Amazon (Kindle Edition).


  1. Like his other books, very easy to read and understand.
  2. Very in depth.
  3. Dedicated the whole book to one filesystem.


  1. I felt like you most definitely need some basic FreeBSD knowledge.
  2. Having to wait for the Advanced ZFS book to come out.

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