Eyegasm: 14 awesome cable management moment of zen

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A professional cable installation and a cable management solution is a dream for any sysadmin or IT team. Here are some of the best looking data centers cabling that could be considered as porn art for the network and sysadmin users.
Eyegasm: Awesome cable management moment of zen

1. An artist’s work

An artist's work
(Source: AveryLongman)

2. How to spot a perfectionist

( Source: pmalla)

3. Awesome cat6a installation

(Source: GivingAlltheDs)

4. So fresh and so clean. I love purple color

(Source: thetoastmonster)

5. Good contractors means good cables for IT teams

(Source: fakerchaos)

6. Each color signify different purposes ;)

(Source: expendable_Henchman)

7. The internet video streaming servers ;)

(Source: intrickacies)

8. Awesome

(Source: Unknown)

9. Another good job done

(Source: Unknown)

10. A unique way to get an Ethernet cable from point A to B

(Source: proto04)

11. I do not know what is this. But it is pretty for sure :P

(Source: Unknown)

12. Apartment cabling done right

(Source: JamezQ)

13. Orange cables that powers a supercomputer

(Source: MareNostrum)

14. Like purple velvet. So awesome

( Source gunnerpad)

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  1. Yes, pretty, but…
    On most images lack of additional a few centimeters if it was necessary to cut the cable or even to plug it into another socket. Number 12 – clearly wrong. The cables must be laid at an angle of 90 degrees. Try to find them later under the plaster when you want to drill a hole in the wall.

  2. I agree with Kurt, no zip ties. Every time you need to stick your hands and arms in to modify the setup for troubleshooting or additions after the initial install. I have scratches, scrapes, and even cuts to show for that effort thanks to zip ties. Velcro all the way.

  3. zipties are teh debbil. I’d have my sidecutters out in very short order and strip all of that off.

    Pretty, yes, but so very hard to modifiy.

    Velcro FTW…

    1. It was used to keep the cables apart when installing and was surely removed when done.

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