Analog Input: Cannot display this video mode error and solution

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Q. I am getting following error:
Analog Input: Cannot display this video mode.


What is the meaning of this error and How do I fix it?

A. This error indicates that current monitor refresh rate is not correct i.e out of monitor range. You need to consult monitor manufacturer to get correct refresh rate values (visit web site or read manual). Once you got the correct values, reconfigure your monitor (X windows) using any one the command (as per your Linux distribution) mentioned here.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I have the exact same problem except that it happens when I want to run certain programs, normally video games. When I change my refresh rate I get that “cannot be displayed”error. I’m installing new video card drivers just in case.

    1. the real reason for this error is overclocking
      go to bios and enter bios manual settings enter lowest settings.
      this will remove all analog input errors

        1. I have some problem in totaloverdoes it is giving me can’t display this video mode
          and where in the bios (PLZ help me)

  2. This is happening to my sister’s monitor. If the screen is black except for the messege how do you fix it?

    1. message analog input comes on page page turns black and a colored square moves around screen

  3. Cannot display this video mode is the only this i see on screen when i turn on the machine what is the problem

  4. I have this same problem…a black screen with the Analog Input message. On my computer this has nothing to do with games or downloads. When starting my computerm I first get the Dell startup screen followed by the Windows XP startup screen, followed by the black screen with the message.

    I do not know if this is related, but just before this problem began, we bought a new flat screen TV with a blue ray and had the Geek Squad set it up. Of course, they say nothing they did would have any effect on the computer. Dell accessed my computer and told me it was a bad video card, but others say this is not the case.

    Regardless of the corrective messured required, how do you make the necessay changes with a black screen?

  5. my name is neven.Imam a problem can not find a video mode error if someone let him know that it gives a link to download for counter strike in the forward 1.6.hvala

  6. I just had this problem on a new install. Turns out the LCD monitor I’m using only supports 60 Hz., and the GeForce2 mx 400 (in this case) set itself to 85 Hz. When I connected it to a CRT, it worked. I changed the refresh rate to 60 HZ and reconnected the LCD. No problems. (Right-click the desktop, Properties/Settings/Advanced/Monitor/Screen Refresh Rate) Hope it helps sombody. I searched every engine and found nothing I didn’t have to pay for first.

  7. hey dude help me out why i cant play the vanro online games in the lcd monitor while if i use the crt monitor it is functioning weard so kindly help me and send message to my eadd or comment right away asap i badly needed your help thanks. im using the MOV lcd flat screen and by the way i set my refresh rate 60 HZ still not functioning huhu. . pls help me out thank you.

  8. Please help me when I turn my moniter the dell thing comes on with it saying input Analog. I have tryed every way to fix it. The screen is just black and nothing will come on it. Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks so much.

  9. My speakers are on and no sound comes out except for a loud sound when I turn up the sound. When I turn on my computer it says Audio – Imput detect.

    Is there any solution to this problem. I have everything connected right. The green light comes on but no voice or sound

    Thank you

    Maxine Kelly

      1. Hello all. Its quit simple and easy method to solve this kind of problem. What you need to do is to RIGHT click on your desktop and then GO to Nvidia Display and then Click on Analog Display. A window will appear with lots of option. What you need to do is to Go to Full screen Video option then there change a Full screen device to SECONDARY DISPLAY. It works if you are using Nvidia. You can do this in other display cards also.
        That’s all.

        1. I’m supposed to right click on my desktop? 1) my monitors being screwy so even if i 2) dont even have an os installed on my hdd yet, as it is brand new- i wouldn’t be able to right click on nuthin.

          pulled the gpu and plugged into the mobo, same error.
          plugged the monitor into my laptop and into my old computer, same error.

          Seems like it is an error within the monitor, the question is.. how the hell do i fix it?
          the menu button on the monitor is non-functional.

  10. Hello all,

    I have tied all the settings above and more but for me the solution was to change the VGA cable!


    1. auto detect analog input cannot display this video mode optimum resolution 1280×1024 60Hz showing on screen what can i do? plz help me?

  11. I also have the very common error monitor ‘cannot display this video mode’ error after Ubuntu server install.

    I thought Linux was going to reduce my dependence on Windows. All Linux has done for me is prevent me from using my computer.

  12. when i plug my tv to my laptop by hdmi port
    i can not see picture on tv only black screen.

    i have Linux centos 6.5
    sharp led 42″ screen
    acer aspire 4736

    i try to switch hd cabel and hd ports on tv but it does not work

    1. Histeve did you get the solution of your computer..if you did please help me out i have the same problem it is so annoying.

  13. I have the same problem all of you guys but its inside my game called unturned because i see my game is windowed mode so i try fullscreen then the game is black screen and it says: 1 : Analog Input
    Cannot Display this on Video mode

    Anybody Help!

  14. I was playing chicken invaders 4 thanks giving edition.when I increase the resulation
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I need help with my desktop when i switch it on it display analog video cannot be displayed, when i switch to digital it say click the green red n some other color to has been.that way for a while i need help.

  16. when i start gta sanandreas the message appears with black screen analog input…..mode

  17. Well after browsing through tons of ideas and proposed solutions to this problem ??
    This is what I came up on my own to solve it and it worked.
    So this is it:
    My previous monitor was 20″ (20 inches) which had it’s resolution set at (1600*1200) and my current monitor is 14″. So since it started giving me the Analog input cannot display this video mode message and I couldn’t do anything like even go to the control panel,
    I simple fixed back my 20″ monitor just to set the monitor to (1024*768) which was suitable for my 14″. I then fixed back my 14″ monitor and wuala it worked. So my tip for u is…
    Try different resolutions or simply google to find out which resolution is best for ur montior and change it.
    Hope this helps. Wish u all the best.

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