Apply package updates from the Red Hat Network (RHN) For Red Hat Linux Server

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Q. How do I apply package updates from the Red Hat Network (RHN)?

A. RHN is subcribtion only network. Once your system is configured properly for RHN, just type the following command at a shell prompt according to your version.

a] (RHEL 4.x/3.x/2.1) – u2pdate : Old tool for installing update and works under RHEL 4.x or older version only.

b] (RHEL 5) – yum : command line tool for installing software updates via yum

c] (RHEL 5) – pup : provides a handsome graphical frontend for installing software updates via yum

To install all updates and patch the system (RHEL version 4.x and older only):
# up2date -u

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 For Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.x or above

Type the following command:
# yum update

RHEL 5 GUI tool

Use pup command to start the graphical update tool and type the command:
# pup

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