Bash String Concatenation

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How do I join two strings under BASH? I have two strings stored in two different variables (_p=/delta and _u=aqua) and how do I join this and assign it to another variable in bash?

You can use parameter substitution as follows:

### join two $vars ###
echo "${_p}${_u}"
echo "${_p} and ${_u}"
echo "${_p}/${_u}"
echo "Output: $out"

Another example:

echo "Host: ${HOSTNAME}@$(date) by $USER"
echo "Setting Apache for ${_domain} @ ${_path}...."
# setupJail "${_domain}" "${_path}"

Sample outouts:

Host: [email protected] Nov 19 01:44:03 IST 2010 by root

Setting Apache for @ /chroot/

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  1. Assigned the variables in a quoted string, you can include or not include spaces, commas or anything else as you like.

    a=”part one”
    b=”part two”
    c=”$a, $b”
    echo “$c”
    part one, part two

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