Blank screen during a Linux graphical installation

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Q. I am using Dell Laptop to install a Linux. However during installing I am getting a blank screen? How do I fix this problem? I need Cent OS Linux for testing web and php application on this Laptop.


A. Chances are very high that your latest laptop screen may not be detected by Linux distribution. However you can force to use VGA screen option. This may work out:

At the boot prompt type the command:
boot: linux vga=2

Or better pass ask parameter
boot: linux vga=ask

It will help if you have problems related to vga card to change the startup video mode.

Another recommended option is install linux in text mode and later configure screen and display card. Type the following boot parameter:
boot: linux text

Please note that vga is actually a boot loader parameter; the value is passed to the kernel using a special protocol.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. THANK-YOU you are a genius.
    simple code and my box is up and running.
    again thank-you

  2. Hi i am installing centos 5 , after selecting language and keyboard type, It shows DEVICE DRIVDER not found, when i select USB mass storage from option, it shows SCUCI driver installing, after, it shows graphic driver installing, then it goes black screen, and DVD driv also will not open until i restarted, So please any one help me>>>>>>………

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