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KSH For Loop Examples

Q. How do I use for loop in Korn Shell under UNIX / Linux / BSD / OS X operating systems?
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How To AIX UNIX Configure TCP/IP Networking ( NIC )

Q. How do I configuring TCP/IP and the network interface under AIX UNIX operating system?
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Configure BASH, KSH, TCSH, ZSH Shell To Logout User Automatically After Idle Time

tmout on a Linux/Unix shell
How can I configure the bash or ksh shell to logout any user automatically after a period of idle time under a Debian Linux or any other UNIX-like operating system?
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sed Insert a Newline Into the RHS of a Substitution

Q. How do I insert a newline into the RHS of a substitution using sed under Linux / UNIX like operating systems? My line pattern is as follows:

This is a test. This is another input.

I’d like to insert a newline after dot (.).
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BASH Shell: Test If a File Is Writable or Not

Q. How can you test if a file is writable under UNIX / Linux bash shell scripting?
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Is There a UNIX / Linux unerase / undelete Command?

Q. Is There a UNIX / Linux unerase or undelete command? How do I undelete files under a UNIX / Linux system?
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Linux: Tune NFS Performance

What values can be tuned to improve NFS performance? How do I improve my client performance under Linux operating systems?
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sed: Remove All Digits / Input From Input

Q. How do I remove all digits or number from my text file or input using sed command?
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Edit DNS Configuration Files

Q. How do I edit dns configuration file to add my ISPs nameservers?
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Grep Words From a File

Q. How do I grep words from a text file under UNIX / Linux / BSD operating systems?
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