File system

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First, there is no fsck command for ZFS, which Linux and Unix use for file system repair. However, ZFS comes with a scrub option. This subcommand is a root-initiated dynamic consistency check. It runs in the background on a mounted live filesystem. Hence, we use the zpool scrub command for ZFS storage and test file system integrity. Let us see how to check ZFS File system storage pool on Linux, FreeBSD or Unix-like systems using the command-line option.
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When working with Ubuntu, Debian Linux, and ZFS, you will run into ZFS cache size problems. You see, not all Ubuntu or Debian servers need aggressive file caching. Some servers act as a web server or run Linux container workloads or KVM guest VMs where you want those guest VMs to manage their own caching. Therefore, it would be best to have tons of ECC RAM for ZFS. Unfortunately, not all projects get that kind of extravagance in real life. This page explains how to set up ZFS arc size on Ubuntu/Debian or any Linux distro of your choice. So that, Linux kernel avoid running out of memory.
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