Gnome Volume Control: Disabled Sound Themes

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Problem is that every time I click something I get annoying sound from computer speaker. So I tried to disable or set new sound theme by visiting System > Preferences > Sound. The Sound Theme tab is greyed out. Sound itself is not working and I can only get annoying sound. How do I fix this problem under Debian or Ubuntu Linux gnome desktop system?

Firefox: Add a Trusted CA

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The default Firefox comes with certificates from well-known commercial CAs. My ISP is also CA and Firefox cannot verified it because the CA is not recognized. How do I force Firefox to accept my ISPs certificate?

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives For Linux Desktop

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I need Photoshop alternative under Ubuntu Linux for basic editing. I know Photoshop can be run using Wine but I’m not able to afford expensive software for just basic editing. Can you suggest a few free FOSS apps that works as alternatives to Photoshop under Ubuntu or Fedora Linux desktop operating systems?