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Firefox: Add a Trusted CA

The default Firefox comes with certificates from well-known commercial CAs. My ISP is also CA and Firefox cannot verified it because the CA is not recognized. How do I force Firefox to accept my ISPs certificate?
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Ubuntu Linux: Firefox and Desktop Application Fix Smooth Font Problem ( Render Font Correctly )

Q. How do I render font smoothly in Ubuntu Linux / Gnome desktop systems? How do I get look a likes of the Microsoft / Mac OS X smooth fonts for Firefox and other applications?
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Firefox 3 Install Firebug Addon Software

Q. My current version is disabled after upgrade. How do I install Firebug under Firefox 3 web browser?
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Ubuntu Linux Install Firefox 3 Web browser

Q. How do I install Firefox 3 web browser under Ubuntu Linux?
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Install Flash on Linux 64 bit

Q. How do I install flash on 64 bit Linux desktop operating system?
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Howto: View Firefox Installed Plugins (Addons) List

How do I view Mozilla Firefox installed plugins add-ons list under Windows / Linux and Mac OS X operating systems?
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