How to wipe a signature from a disk device on Linux with wipefs command

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I recently decommissioned Debian Linux based nas server and moved disk from my nas server to Linux-powered desktop. However, when I run fdisk command, I am getting the following error:
    /dev/sdb: device contains a valid ‘LVM2_member’ signature; it is strongly recommended to wipe the device with wipefs(8) if this is unexpected, in order to avoid possible collisions
What is a wipefs and how do I use it on Linux?

How to forcefully shutdown a guest VM using virsh command on Linux KVM

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I used the command ‘virsh shutdown vm1’ to shut down a guest named vm1 using the virsh command. However, it is still running, and my vm1 is not responding to an ssh session. Is there is a way to forcefully stop or kill a guest VM using the virsh command from host server?