Linux Disable / Remove All NFS Services

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NFS was not designed with security in mind, and has a number of weaknesses, both in terms of the protocol itself and because any NFS installation must expose several daemons, running on both servers and clients, to network attack. I use my CentOS based server only to server web pages and nothing else. How do I disable NFS services under RHEL / CentOS / Fedora Linux?

You can easily disable NFS, which is a commonly used for sharing data and files between machines. However, its use opens many potential security holes. If NFS is not needed, improve the security by removing and disabling NFS. Open a command-line terminal (select Applications > Accessories > Terminal), and then type:
# chkconfig nfslock off
# chkconfig rpcgssd off
# chkconfig rpcidmapd off
# chkconfig portmap off
# chkconfig nfs off

Delete nfs-utils and portmap packages using the yum command:
# yum remove portmap nfs-utils

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  1. i am linux debian v 5.0 user having busybox 1.16.1 and want to remove nfs totally .
    i am butting from windows hyperterminal/putty.
    above commands not working for me.
    getting error
    #chkconfig nfslock off
    /bin/sh: chkconfig: not found

    how to remove nfs related setting?

      1. Thanks Vivek, for replying.
        Actually there is no portmap file or directory under init.d
        what i have is
        # cd /etc/init.d/
        # ls
        alsa-utils udev module-init-tools udev-mtab

        the one who designed the system told me that he allready hv disable the nfs settings. But then i m not getting the reason for problem.

        also I dont have /etc/fstab file

  2. I’m runnin Windows Server 2003 with NFS service going and i need to kill the NFS service complete but security scans show it still being there how to kill it completely?

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