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  1. Hi,

    In order to get profile u need to have ~/.bashrc
    It contains setting
    ==> for your shell promt display
    ==> colour settings based on the permission (example exe fles appear green

    So I suggest you copy the bashrc and bash_profile and bash from any linux server into your login and run the following command to change our profile

  2. My problem: Today I started to install sysstat monitor tool for my OS X by using 1. apt-get install sysstat 2. yum install sys stat 3. rpm -i sys stat.rpm none of then worked.

    Even I cannot execute some unix commands from my Terminal.app.

    Then I tried to see echo $PATH but the output is empty but I can start my TOMCAT and close.

    NoW I cannot locate .profile or .bash_profile using the ls -a command. But still TOMCAt is working.. So It seems I messed up :) Please let me know the reason? It is really deleted but how tomcat is working (as in OS x the java no need to be specified in .profile)?.

    So Please help me to understand the problem and how to reconfigure it so that it can execute all commands.

  3. https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/change-bash-profile/

    maybe Fedora 17 is different

    put aliases in .bashrc and it works

    aliases not set when put into .bash_profile

    [landon@Precision-380 ~]$ cat .bashrc
    # .bashrc

    # Source global definitions
    if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
    . /etc/bashrc
    alias lsa=’ls -alF –color’
    alias h=history

    # User specific aliases and functions
    [landon@Precision-380 ~]$

  4. by which commands i find out ORACLE_HOME,ORACLE_BASE,ORACLE_PATH,ORACLE_SID to create .bash_profile in

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