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Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Install Suhosin PHP Extension To Protect Your Server

Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations. It was designed to protect servers and users from known and unknown flaws in PHP applications and the PHP core. How can I install suhosin extension on a Debian v8.x or Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS server?

Suhosin (Korean 수호신, meaning guardian-angel) is used to securing PHP web applications such as WordPress and others. Suhosin comes as the extension and the patch. Both parts can be installed separately and have no dependencies to each other.

How To Installing Suhosin on Debian and Ubuntu [Binary Method]

Type the following command on a Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS server:

sudo -s
echo 'deb http://repo.suhosin.org/ ubuntu-trusty main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update

Debian Linux 8.x user type the following command:

sudo -s
echo 'deb http://repo.suhosin.org/ debian-jessie main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update

Sample outputs:

Ign http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security InRelease
Get:1 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security Release.gpg [933 B]           
Get:2 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security Release [63.5 kB]             
Ign http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty InRelease                                 
Ign http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates InRelease                         
Get:3 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/main amd64 Packages [319 kB]
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty Release.gpg                              
Ign http://repo.suhosin.org ubuntu-trusty InRelease                            
Get:4 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/restricted amd64 Packages [8,875 B]
Get:5 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/universe amd64 Packages [111 kB]
Get:6 http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates Release.gpg [933 B]             
Get:7 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/multiverse amd64 Packages [3,683 B]
Get:8 http://repo.suhosin.org ubuntu-trusty Release.gpg [816 B]                
Get:9 http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/main Translation-en [172 kB]  
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty Release                                   
Get:10 http://repo.suhosin.org ubuntu-trusty Release [1,074 B]                 
Get:11 http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates Release [63.5 kB]              
Get:12 http://repo.suhosin.org ubuntu-trusty/main amd64 Packages [722 B]       
Hit http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/multiverse Translation-en       
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/main amd64 Packages                       
Hit http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/restricted Translation-en       
Hit http://security.ubuntu.com trusty-security/universe Translation-en         
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/restricted amd64 Packages                 
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/universe amd64 Packages        
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/multiverse amd64 Packages           
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/main Translation-en           
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/multiverse Translation-en
Ign http://repo.suhosin.org ubuntu-trusty/main Translation-en_US
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/restricted Translation-en
Ign http://repo.suhosin.org ubuntu-trusty/main Translation-en
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/universe Translation-en
Get:13 http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/main amd64 Packages [584 kB]
Get:14 http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/restricted amd64 Packages [11.8 kB]
Get:15 http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/universe amd64 Packages [297 kB]
Get:16 http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/multiverse amd64 Packages [12.0 kB]
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/main Translation-en
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/multiverse Translation-en
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/restricted Translation-en
Hit http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/universe Translation-en
Ign http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/main Translation-en_US
Ign http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/multiverse Translation-en_US              
Ign http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/restricted Translation-en_US              
Ign http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty/universe Translation-en_US                
Fetched 1,651 kB in 6s (250 kB/s)                                              
Reading package lists... Done

The repository suhosin.org is signed with key, so install it with wget command:

## Run as root user ##
wget https://sektioneins.de/files/repository.asc
sudo apt-key add repository.asc

Sample outputs:

Fig.01: Installing key

Fig.01: Installing key

Next, type the following apt-get command to install the php5-suhosin-extension package, run:

sudo apt-get install php5-suhosin-extension

Sample outputs:

Fig.02: Installing php5-suhosin-extension package

Fig.02: Installing php5-suhosin-extension package

Enable the php5-suhosin-extension

sudo php5enmod php5-suhosin

Restart php5-fpm on a Ubuntu LTS 14.04

sudo /sbin/restart php5-fpm

Restart php5-fpm on a Debian Linux 8.0

sudo systemctl restart php5-fpm

Test it

Create a file called test.php:

sudo vi /var/www/test.php

Append the following code:


Save and close the file. You can open the Browser and type the following url:
Sample outputs:

Fig.03: Suhosin enabled on server

Fig.03: Suhosin enabled on server


You need to edit the file /etc/php5/mods-available/suhosin.ini, enter:
# vi /etc/php5/mods-available/suhosin.ini
You can see comma separated whitelist of functions are not allowed to be called:

suhosin.executor.func.blacklist = assert,unserialize,exec,popen,proc_open,passthru,shell_exec,system,hail,parse_str,mt_srand
suhosin.executor.eval.whitelist = assert,unserialize,exec,popen,proc_open,passthru,shell_exec,system,hail,parse_str,mt_srand

Save and close the file. You need to restart php5-fpm. I suggest you see the configuration page for a complete list of possible configuration options.

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{ 5 comments… add one }
  • Steven July 30, 2015, 3:39 am

    I’m a beginner and I was wondering, why do we need to install Suhosin ?
    Which hacks or kind of hacks are prevent by this extension ?

  • Victor T. August 3, 2015, 4:24 am

    Steven, for example, there are tons of WordPress exploits that a user could gain access to your OS. They can then us it to send SPAM, or as a part of a larger botnet to hack other sites or DDoS attacks. I’m sysadmin for a hosting company and this is a constant struggle.

  • Peter M August 3, 2015, 11:57 am

    Another great article, thanks!

    A few questions about “best-practice”:
    * Why not create a new repo file in /etc/apt/sources.d/ instead of appending to sources.list? I’ve started doing this based on previous reading and found it’s far easier to manage dist-upgrades.
    * At the beginning you have “sudo -s”.
    — Again, I’ve read “sudo -i” is the better flag to use?
    — Also, once in “sudo -s”, there are still references all through to using sudo, but no point to exit from the original sudo shell.

  • Hubert Trzewik February 17, 2016, 4:25 pm

    Had to do “sudo php5enmod suhosin” instead “sudo php5enmod php5-suhosin“, because there is /etc/php5/mods-available/suhosin.ini file not /etc/php5/mods-available/php5-suhosin.ini .

    • dan mills April 9, 2016, 10:11 am

      This works. Thanks Hubert!

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