Remove Santa Hat in VLC Player Permanently

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How do I remove Santa Hat in VLC media player that displayed during Christmas time during 18th December to 1st January?

When you open the VLC media player in December, you may notice Santa’s hat. Look in the system tray area, and you will see that VLC traffic cones celebrate Christmas on Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. This page explains how to disable and remove Santa Hat in VLC player.


How To Remove Santa Hat in VLC Player

Procedure for disabling Santa hat icon in VLC Player:

  1. Star VLC media player
  2. Click on Tools and choose Preferences[ or press CTRL+P ]
  3. Make sure you select Interface tab
  4. Scroll down and look for “Show settings” and click on All button
  5. In search bar type “Qt
  6. Make sure you uncheck “Allow automatic icon changes” option to remove or hide Santa hat in VLC
  7. Click on Save
  8. Restart VLC

Let us see disabling Santa hat icon in VLC Player in detail for Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.

Delete Santa Hat in VLC Media Player

First, start the VLC player and you will greeted as follows:
How to Remove Santa Hat in VLC Player Running on Linux
Click on Tools > Preferences:
VLC Tools Preferences
Choose Interface > All button:
Enable or Disable VLC Media Player Santa Icon in Christmas
Type “Qt” in search bar on the left side and choose “Qt“. Next scroll down and uncheck box named “Allow automatic icon changes“. Finally click on the Save button.
Delete Santa Hat in VLC Media Player
Restart your VLC player.

macOS remove Santa Hat in VLC player

  • Start VLC
  • Click on VLC > Preferences
  • Select Interface tab > Show all
  • From left pane, choose Interface > Main interfaces > macosx > uncheck “Allow automatic icon changes
  • Click on the Save button and restart VLC

Here is a quick demo:

Html5 video: Delete Santa Hat in VLC running on macOS


I don’t have any problems with a little Easter egg in VLC. However, I explained how to delete or get rid of VLC Santa Hat. Please note that VLC is free and open-source software. The authors of VLC provided it free of cost, including an option to disable it. So do not bug authors of VLC on social media or their forum about the same. See “how to install VLC media player on Linux for more info.”

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