Linux Delete / Uninstall Software

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How do I uninstall or delete installed software under Linux operating systems?


Different Linux distributions comes with different tools to remove the software installed under Linux.

First, open terminal (bash prompt).

You must be login as root user to run any one of the following command.

Remove Software under Red Hat / RHEL / Fedora / CentOS Linux

Use rpm or yum command to delete the software.

To list the installed software type

rpm -qa | less
rpm -qa {software-name}
yum list | less
yum list {software-name}

To get information about httpd package, enter:
rpm -qa httpd
yum list httpd

To remove a software use rpm or yum command as follows

rpm -e {software-name}
yum remove {software-name}

To delete a package called httpd, enter:
rpm -e httpd
yum remove httpd

Delete / Uninstall Software Under Debian / Ubuntu Linux

To list installed software type:
dpkg --list
dpkg --list | less
dpkg --list | grep apache

To delete the software, enter:
sudo apt-get remove {package-name}
sudo apt-get remove apache

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    1. Which kinda? You can use wine under linux to run many. Even softwares like photoshop. And many common softwares are available at linux like skype, VLC, teamviewer and much more.

  1. i want to uninstall the oracle 10g from the vertual linux. And my linux os is installed on VMware software so please tell how can i do it ??????????
    Thank You…………..

  2. I had installed boss linux os in my laptop. Recently I installed gta game. But it is not fully installed. So I can’t able to run the program. How I uninstall or completely remove the application from my laptop. Please help me.

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