Disable Advanced power management (APM) on Linux

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Q. How can I disable power management on my Fedora Core Linux system?

A. You need to stop APM (Advanced Power Management) service called apmd. It can be stopped by calling /etc/init.d/ script as follows:
# /etc/init.d/apmd stop

If you don’t want this service to return after a reboot type following command and deselect apmd
# ntsysv

Or use chkconfig command:
#/sbin/chkconfig apmd off

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  1. # ntsysv
    bash: ntsysv: command not found
    #/sbin/chkconfig apmd off
    bash: /sbin/chkconfig: No such file or directory

    How can I disable apdm in Sabayon 4
    x86 64bit

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