Linux or FreeBSD command to display system time and date

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Q. How do I display system time and date? How do I make changes to Linux or FreeBSD date?

A. Use date command display or set the system date and time under Linux, FreeBSD or other UNIX like operating systems.

Task: To display date and time

Type date command:
$ dateOutput:

Thu Nov  9 08:05:34 IST 2006

Task: Change date or time

Just follow instruction mentioned in previous article for changing date and time under Linux or FreeBSD

Task: How to stay upto date with network time server

Please see previous articles for time synchronization under Linux or FreeBSD

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  1. hi,
    my system two inbulit nic card 1000Mbs showing one niccard. my os is Free BSD ifconfig -a showing em0 only, onther nic card not showing plz help me this os

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