Download a file with curl on Linux / Unix command line

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I am a new macOS Unix user. I am writing a small bash shell script. How do I download files straight from the command-line interface using curl? How can I download files with cURL on a Linux or Unix-like systems?

Introduction : cURL is both a command line utility and library. One can use it to download or transfer of data/files using many different protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP and more.

The curl command line utility lets you fetch a given URL or file from the bash shell. This page explains how to download files with curl command on a Linux, macOS, *BSD and Unix-like operating systems.

How to download a file with curl command

The basic syntax is:
curl url --output filename
curl https://url -o

Let us try to download a file from and save it as output.pdf
curl -o output.pdf
curl --output output.pdf
Download a file with curl command
The -o or --output option allows you to give the downloaded file a different name. If you do not provide the output file name curl will display it to the screen.

How to download a single file without giving output name

You can save output file as it is i.e. write output to a local file named like the remote file we get. For example, sticker_book.pdf is a file name for remote URL One can save it sticker_book.pdf directly without specifying the -o or --output option by passing the -O (capital
curl -O

Downloading files with curl
Downloading files with curl in a single shot

How to deal with HTTP 301 redirected file

The remote HTTP server might send a different location status code when downloading files. For example, HTTP URLs are often redirected to HTTPS URLs with HTTP/301 status code. Just pass the -L follow the 301 (3xx) redirects and get the final file on your system:
curl -L -O

How to download multiple files using curl

curl -O url1 -O url2
curl -O \

One can use the bash for loop too:

## define a bash shell variable ##
## let us grab it ##
for u in $urls
   curl -O "$u"
How to download a file using curl and bash for loop
How to download a file using curl and bash for loop

How to download a password protected file with curl

Try any one of the following syntax
curl --ftp-ssl -u UserName:PassWord
curl -u Username:Password

How to download file using a proxy server

Again syntax is as follows:
curl -x proxy-server-ip:PORT -O url
curl -x 'http://vivek:YourPasswordHere@' -v -O

How to use curl command with proxy username/password
How to use curl command with proxy username/password


Like most Linux or Unix CLI utilities, you can learn much more about curl command by visiting this help page.

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3 comment

  1. I always set output file with
    curl -o linux.tar.gz

  2. This is nice. Here is one more hint, if you use self signed SSL cert, I can get it verified it with the following:
    curl --cacert my-ssl.crt -O https://my-ip/my-file.tgz

    Cheers mate

  3. So here is the thing. I am download certain mp4 files and the remote http server limiting the connection. So after a bit of reading and thanks to your for loop example, I can get around by setting timeout time value. I found this in man page:

    Maximum time in seconds that you allow curl’s connection to take. This only limits the connection phase, so if curl connects within the given period it willontinue – if not it will exit

    So I did something:

    urls="url1 url2 ... url100"
    for u in $urls
      curl --connect-timeout=7 -O $u

    I hope it might help someone.

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