How To Find Which Linux Kernel Version Is Installed On My System

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I am a new proud Linux user. My question to you is – how do I check Linux Kernel version? How do I find my Linux Kernel Version installed on my PC? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Introduction : The Linux kernel is the central (core) component of Linux operating systems. Its responsibilities include managing the system’s resources and the communication between hardware and software components. It also maintains the security of your system. Hence, finding out the version information is a good idea for patching and other sysadmin management tasks.


Commands to find your Linux Kernel Version

To check Linux Kernel version, try the following commands:

  1. uname -r : Find Linux kernel version
  2. cat /proc/version : Show Linux kernel version with help of a special file
  3. hostnamectl | grep Kernel : For systemd based Linux distro you can use hotnamectl to display hostname and running Linux kernel version

Let us see all commands and examples in details.

How to check kernel version on Linux server/desktop/laptop

You need to use then uname command to print certain system information including kernel name. Type the following command to print kernel version number:
$ uname -r
Sample outputs:


So my Linux kernel version is 4.15.0-39, where:

  • 4 : Kernel version
  • 15 : Major revision
  • 0 : Minor revision
  • 39 : Patch level or number
  • generic : Linux distro/kernel specific additional info

Understanding uname command options

To print certain system information you use uname command. It has the following options:

-a, OR --allprint all information
-s, OR --kernel-nameprint the kernel name
-n, OR --nodenameprint the network node hostname
-r, OR --kernel-releaseprint the Linux kernel release
-v, OR --kernel-versionprint the kernel version
-m, OR --machineprint the machine hardware name
-p, OR --processorprint the processor type or “unknown”
-i, OR --hardware-platformprint the hardware platform or “unknown”
-o, OR --operating-systemprint the operating system

Find Linux kernel using /proc/version file

Another option is to type the following cat command:
$ cat /proc/version
Sample outputs:

Linux version 4.19.2 ( (gcc version 7.3.0 (Ubuntu 7.3.0-27ubuntu1~18.04)) #1 SMP Fri Nov 16 01:38:13 IST 2018

How to find your Linux Kernel version using hostnamect

Type the hostnamectl command along with grep command:
$ hostnamectl
$ hostnamectl | grep Kernel

Find Linux Kernel Version Installed On My System

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  1. this is the wrong ans posted on this page. the correct command to check the kernel version is

    # uname -v

    instead of #uname -r . the uname -r command display the kernel release.


  2. my samsung galaxy s11 phone has a pop up that says kernal panic upload do i update the latest kernal version for my phone?

  3. How to check kernel version? How do I find Linux kernel version using at shell prompt? Run
    more /proc/version
    awk '{ print "Your Linux Kernel version: ", $3}' /proc/version

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