Firefox: about:config – “I’ll be careful, I promise! warning button

Fig.03: Click the button labeled "I'll be careful, I promise!"

Fig.03: Click the button labeled “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

There is no warranty whatsoever, it’s more a joke to ensure that users are aware of what they are about to do). Use the checkbox there to avoid the warning in the future.

Examples and usage: HowTo: Firefox Disable Default PDF Viewer / Plugin

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  1. What a joke. I have had no problem with accessing Facebook on my laptop and then all of a sudden, I get this error message “Javascript not enabled”. I can’t even find it in the “add-on apps” and elsewhere, how to turn it on let alone know where it is! No problem though when I open up IE which I’m going to start using since Firefox seems to send messages every few minutes “not responding”. Thank God this browser is free!

  2. this low life search module has taken over my computer , it took over foxfire, i can not get rid of it, just want foxfire back

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