Firefox: about:config – “I’ll be careful, I promise! warning button

Fig.03: Click the button labeled "I'll be careful, I promise!"

Fig.03: Click the button labeled “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

There is no warranty whatsoever, it’s more a joke to ensure that users are aware of what they are about to do). Use the checkbox there to avoid the warning in the future.

Examples and usage: HowTo: Firefox Disable Default PDF Viewer / Plugin

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  1. What a joke. I have had no problem with accessing Facebook on my laptop and then all of a sudden, I get this error message “Javascript not enabled”. I can’t even find it in the “add-on apps” and elsewhere, how to turn it on let alone know where it is! No problem though when I open up IE which I’m going to start using since Firefox seems to send messages every few minutes “not responding”. Thank God this browser is free!

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