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Can you tell me the name of free dns server software for my Linux server system?

There are many open source and free implementations of DNS server software exists. You can use the following software on Linux / UNIX, Mac OS X, or MS-Windows server system to setup your own DNS servers. The following are free dns server and recommend by me for ease of use and security features. All of the following dns software are free for commercial or personal use.


BIND DNS Server Software

Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is the most commonly used DNS server on the Internet, especially on Linux / BSD and Unix-like systems. A new version of BIND (BIND 9) was written from scratch in part to address the architectural difficulties with auditing the earlier BIND code bases, and also to support DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions). Other important features of BIND 9 include: TSIG, DNS notify, nsupdate, IPv6, rndc flush (remote name daemon control), views, multiprocessor support, and an improved portability architecture. It is commonly used on Linux systems. rndc uses a shared secret to provide encryption for local and remote terminals during each session. Bind works on Windows, Linux and UNIX computers.

PowerDNS DNS Server Software

PowerDNS is a versatile DNS server, written in C++ and licensed under the GPL. It runs on most Linux, Unix derivatives and on Microsoft Windows. PowerDNS features a large number of different backends ranging from simple BIND style zonefiles to relational databases and load balancing/failover algorithms. A DNS recursor is also included as a separate program.

djbdns DNS Server Software

The djbdns software package is a simple and security-aware DNS implementation created by Daniel J. Bernstein due to his frustrations with repeated BIND security holes.


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  1. The link to djbdns is pointing to powerdns. DJB’s site is

  2. Djbdns DNS Server Software does not suport windows version anymore. There´s only an old 2003´s 32-bit version.

  3. I need an UBER SIMPLE DNS server without all the extra preferences. If it needs an “options” menu THEN IT’S TOO COMPLICATED. I want an ABSOLUTE BARE BONES DNS server. I don’t care about security. I don’t want something complicated. I want a DUMB SERVER that for every DNS query it gets, if the requested domain name is in its “database” (which should just be a simple text file) then it spits back the associated IP address. For example if there is a line in the text file that says:
    “ then every time it gets a request from a web browser for it should return the IP address

    It should only need 3 buttons. Enable Server, Disable Server, Select Text (.txt) File for DNS Lookups.
    The text file should simply contain “name address” pairs (much like the WIndow’s hosts file). While not suitable for running a network due to security flaws with such a setup, I am in need of such software for certain tests I’m running on my LAN.

    If anyone knows of software like I’m describing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My email address you can reply to (to make sure I get your reply) is

  4. Hi
    I am student & looking for DNS Server how use for my action in win10 & Linux OS.
    I have one server in local net.(not win server or …)
    my app. is on my server.
    users connect to my server via WiFi access point.
    I want when users open the browser on mobile phone & browsers search all domain for DNS server (so I route it to my server) & open my application.
    IP =
    max =
    getway = (access point)
    DNS = 192,168,1,5
    for find it IP address to connect i reroute it to my server & open my application.
    I means user’s browser get Google it connect to my Domain in my server IP?
    Yahoo ——> my Domain in server IP
    *.* any things —–> my domain in server IP
    plz help me?
    reza bakhshi

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