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Q. My ISP DNS servers are overloaded, can you give me free dns server IP address for fast name resolution?

A. You can try following fast DNS server free of cost. I’ve personally used them and they offer reliability, speed and security. All you have to do is punch following two IP address into your router or computer DNS list.

OpenDNS Free DNS Server IP address


ScrubIT Free DNS Server IP address


How do I setup DNS Server IP address?

Under Linux / UNIX / Solaris / BSD operating systems, just open your /etc/resolv.conf file and add above IP address:

If you are using Windows Vista, just follow these instructions or refer this guide published at OpenDNS website.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Another free DNS server is I’ve used it for awhile and I’ve found it to be very fast and reliable.

  2. How do find out the IP Address,default router, primary dns,secondary dns, and A wep key


  3. There is tools on Unix Environments like “SystemV ,BSD,LINUX”
    The tool is “tracerout” !
    is a very good to find any DNS server .

  4. @bob(not my real name):
    Get rid of that Apple piece of crap. You can surf the Internet faster with a blank piece of paper….

  5. @bob(not my real name):
    It’s only crap if you don’t know how to use the information. I found it very useful.

    For the rest, I found virtually all the questions answered at the top of the page. Go figure.

  6. I need a primary dns and a secondary dns for my ps3…i would use mine but im not sure how to find it..thanks

  7. i need good dns server/ smtp..pls help me with one or two..i need ones that are fast and reliable..thanks 1luv

  8. Hi chevin, please read last line of entry by ivor painin debutt then go to the top of the page. The information is there.

    Could cause you future problems if you don’t know how to deal with the information! Then, of course, your query might not relate to the information here in which case you need to be more open with what you really want to ask as we cannot help you otherwise.

  9. Hey, im currently using my ps3 for the internet, i have recently been using the wi-fi one minute it was fine, next minute it said i have been disconntected from the access point. It was failing to obtain my IP address so i have bought the ps3 into the front room to find it on the internet, once i found my IP address now i have the infamous 80710102 error for my DNS

    I used a DNS site to find the codes for it, It gave me my primary but not my secondary i really need to find it. I cant access the main computer of the household it is password locked and i cant access the internet on my own computer (dads rules, hes paying for it he chooses if i have access)

    Is there any sites out there that will give me the secondary DNS code? Thank you :)

  10. Everyone with a PS3…
    Thers are 2 pairs of DNS server adress’ at the top of the page. Choose either and enter the datails thats it. Don’t be scared of DNS because it’s an anacronymn.

  11. im palying world of warcraft in iran im having a huge problem getting in to the logging server during last 20 days iv been using dnsjumper to logging but now all the dns servers that iv been using aint working i dont know if u can help me but a lil bit of instructions witch might be helping me would realy help

  12. hi to all can some one help me in DNS i making a Server status but when i type my ip or hamachi ip dont work and idont know how to set the DNS plss help me

  13. my name is kola from nigeria.
    kindly tell me the DNS address of
    i need it to set up my phone gprs.

  14. i have ps3 and i cant sing in
    win i going to do INTERNET CONNECTION TEST
    obtain ip address is ::: succeeded and
    internet connection is ::: failed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and he tell me this is a DNS error

  15. To anyone who can help. Goin through a not nice separation. My soon to be ex-husband is a super computer head. He manages all the networks. I think he has managed to block my internet access on my computer, which he can’t access.
    When I try to connect, It is says ‘unable to connect to Primary DNS server’. Is there anyway I can over ride this. Broadband connection very bad where I live. Sorry inexperienced, but a quick learner.

  16. omg my ps3 gt all errors i need a gd dns i changed mine and now i have problem to sign in to psn .help plz

  17. Thanks again Vivek!

    You could again show something new.

    Other hand – just one more probably worth a mention.
    Comodo – provides safe dns servers.
    The same comodo with the free av and free firewall.
    Albeit it is a filtered one – just like opendns is – to prevent you from explicit adult material and from viruses (?) too (?)

    Go and find the ip for yourself. ;-)

  18. here is few dns server i find 8 8 8 8
    8 8 4 4
    4 2 2 2
    4 2 2 3

  19. i really got a problem in my project”home appliances control over internet” because i don’t have enough money to purchase DNS. what is the best thing to do to test that my project is working online? please help me, its a big help if someone could help me. thanks..

  20. hl please i have problem with my Motorola cable modem which i connected it with my pc but is not working , also i try manual configuration but is not working please help me out thanks.

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