FreeBSD: Mount /usr/ports Inside Jail

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Q. I’d like to save disk space for my FreeBSD 7 ISP server. We run webserver, nameserver from various jails under powerful HP RAID 10 server. How do I export /usr/ports from host to each jail hosted on /jail/ volume such as /jail/www, /jail/ns, /jail/sql etc?

A. You need to use the mount_nullfs command. It creates a null layer, duplicating a sub-tree of the file system name space under another part of the global file system namespace. This allows existing files and directories to be accessed using a different pathname. You need to run this command outside jail.

Option #1: Mount ports in read write mode

Login as root and type the following command:
# D=/jail/www
# mkdir -p $D/usr/ports
# mount_nullfs /usr/ports $D/usr/ports
# mount | sort

Now login to jail called www (jail id # 10):
# jls
# jexec 10 sh

Try to install apache22:
# cd /usr/ports
# cd www/apache22
# make install clean

Option #2: Mount ports in read only mode

As suggested by reader Mel, you can mount ports tree in read only mode. This may result into ports tree integrity in a long run.
mkdir -p $D/usr/ports
mount_nullfs -o ro /usr/ports $D/usr/ports

Mount /var/distfiles in read-write mode:
# mkdir $D/var/distfiles
# mount_nullfs -o rw /usr/ports/distfiles $D/var/distfiles

Now install port called php5:
# cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
# make install clean WRKDIRPREFIX=/tmp

You need to set WRKDIRPREFIX as ports installed in read only mode. WRKDIRPREFIX specifies where to create any temporary files. You need to set WRKDIRPREFIX and variables as follows to make them a permanent settings in /etc/make.conf file:

WRKDIRPREFIX=           /var/ports
DISTDIR=                /var/ports/distfiles
PACKAGES=               /var/ports/packages


  • WRKDIRPREFIX : Where to create any temporary files.
  • DISTDIR : Where to find/put distfiles.
  • PACKAGES : Used only for the package target; the base directory for the packages tree, normally packages/ in PORTSDIR.

You can create those directory with the following make command:
# mkdir -p /var/ports/{packages,distfiles}

Further readings

  • man page ports, make

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  1. It’s better to mount read-only, so you don’t make changes to the ports in either, both or neither. Secondly, you don’t get to deal with the port’s cookies (${WRKDIR}/.*_done) when you build port foo in either.


    to a jail writeable directory is required.

    I myself use:
    mkdir $D/var/distfiles
    mount -t nullfs -o rw /usr/ports/distfiles $D/var/distfiles

  2. I get this error:
    mount_nullfs: Operation not supported by device

    mount -t nullfs /usr $CO

    I try to mount in chroot environment.

  3. I think we have first to load nullfs module then mount any specified directory in jail:

    #cd /usr/src/sys/modules/nullfs
    #make && make install clean
    #kldload nullfs
    #mount -t nullfs /usr $CO

  4. When I type the first command D=/jail/www (of course with my directory) I get D=/jail/www Command not found.

    Can you please help me fix this.

    thank you,

  5. Thanks for this (old) post – it just helped me set up my jails!

    Two minor things:
    You suggest to create those directory with the following make command:
    # mkdir -p /var/ports/{packages,distfiles}

    However, whether or not this command works, depends on your current shell. It does work for tcsh but not for sh.

    And there is a small mistake in option #2:

    Here you use the directory /var/distfiles
    Mount /var/distfiles in read-write mode:
    # mkdir $D/var/distfiles
    # mount_nullfs -o rw /usr/ports/distfiles $D/var/distfiles

    But later you suggest to put this into /etc/make.conf:
    DISTDIR= /var/ports/distfiles

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