FreeBSD or BSD reboot and shutdown system

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Q. How do I reboot or shutdown BSD (FreeBSD) based system. Command shutdown -h 0 is not working for me.

A. FreeBSD or other BSD uses the shutdown or halt command to shutdown system. To reboot FreeBSD/BSD box use reboot command.

Task: Shutdown BSD

Use shutdown command to close down the system at a given time. Type following command to shutdown system immediately:
# shutdown -h now
# halt

Task: Reboot BSD system

Type the following command:
# reboot
# shutdown -r now

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  1. When I did it closes all the programs and just hangs and say press the space bar to restart?

    Is there a more powerfull command that can shutdown the system right away?

  2. Yes I am root in my case and the computer stays on and with the press enter to reboot, what if I (to conserve energy) just want to shut it off for good…

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