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FreeBSD tinydns: Sets Up a DNS Publication / Authoritative Name Server

How do I setup primary dns name server using tinydns under FreeBSD operating systems?

You need to create a zone file for your domain which will provide the following data:

  1. Your name server IP address.
  2. Your mail server IP address and pointer to mx.
  3. Your AAAA and A records etc.

Step # 1: Create Directory For Your Zone File

Type the following command:
# mkdir /var/ns1.nixcraft.in

Step # 2: Set Up a DNS Publication Service

You need to use your IP and directory /var/ns1.nixcraft.in as follows
# tinydns-conf tinydns dnslog /var/ns1.nixcraft.in
Above will create all required directories and default zone data file.

Step # 3: Start TinyDNS Server

Type the following command:
# ln -s /var/ns1.nixcraft.in /var/service/
Verify that UDP port # 53, opened:
# sockstat -4
# sockstat -4 -p 53

Now, all you’ve to do is create a zone file for your domain nixcraft.in.

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  • Sam July 10, 2010, 7:31 am

    I am running FreeBSD 8. When following this guide I noticed a few things:

    Step 1 – Do not create the directory as it will conflict with Step 2.
    Step 2 – Use the directory in the command, if it exists, it won’t work. If it dosen’t exist, it will create it.


    [root@vps ~]# mkdir /var/ns1.example.com
    [root@vps ~]# tinydns-conf tinydns dnslog /var/ns1.example.com
    tinydns-conf: fatal: unable to create /var/ns1.example.com: file already exists

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